A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


At the end of the Clone Wars, General Eckos Brute of the Confederacy of Independent Systems seized a ship of Jedi Padawans bound for Ilum. Jedi Master Aksha Guhn and Jedi Knight Ruvia Hess were dispatched to see the Padawans returned to to the Jedi Temple on Corsuscant. The pursuit of General Eckos Brute  took the Jedi to a secret droid factory in the unknown reaches, a planet designated Inkiduu 4. There Master and Knight felt the deaths of their fellow Jedi with the execution of Order 66. 

The Jedi defeated Eckos Brute, and saved the lives of the last living Padawans. While the new Emperor and his Empire spread their shadow over the galaxy, the Jedi  trained the  Padawans in secret on  Inkiduu 4. Now the time has come for them to claim the weapons of their order, and bring balance back to the Galaxy…




Tribe of Inkiduu: A Star Wars Legend

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