Claxon Boom

Clone Trooper turned Alahzi Farm


Claxon Boom has the dark skin and gray hair of any Clone Trooper his age. He has a scar along his chin from a lightsaber wound that nearly took his life. He wears the bright robes with stitched geographical shapes common to Tarthian style of the day.


Claxon served along General Retzlof, of the Grand Army of the Republic. He took her life on Ilum and is believed to be in possession of her personal Holocron. Claxon eventually aged out of military service and was reassigned to a logistical support position among the Bacta production facilities on Tarth.

Eventually, Claxon purchased land for himself outside the bacta trade hub Uru, Tarth’s largest city. Claxon has been quite successful since then, eventually marrying and having three children.

Boom is an avid collector of clone war memorabilia, having kept his Clone Trooper armor in shining perfection, and all his medals of service.

Claxon Boom

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